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Gay marriage is supposed to bring to an end the injustice towards particular social groups and minorities. In this sense, same-sex marriage facilitates social equality.

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Another argument in favor of gay marriage presupposes that same-sex marriage will allow homosexual couples to have an officially accepted relationship which will be indicated in all formal documents. This will give homosexual couples a right for joint ownership of property. Furthermore, the gay spouse can apply to legal authorities in case she suffers from physical abuse on behalf of her partner. Therefore, this means that gay marriage provides gay couples with a number of rights that might be of much help if need arises.

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Besides, some people consider it a benefit that in case of gay marriage legalization, same-sex couples will have a right to adopt children. Adoption is a priority of only married couples. Previously, even if two homosexual partners had a long-lasting relationship for twenty years or so, they were deprived of a right to adopt a child.

Libertarian Views on Same-Sex Marriage

If same-sex marriage is legalized, they will be able to use a privilege of child adoption. Cons: One of the most perceptible disadvantages of gay marriage is the fact that the homosexual couple is unable to have their own children, although they have an opportunity to use help of surrogate mothers as well as some other methods. However, gay couples are deprived of an opportunity to have a biological child.

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Upbringing of children is an inseparable part of the sacred union of marriage in all cultures and across all nations. Marriage would definitely seem incomplete if a couple is unable to have children. Therefore, even if gay marriage is legalized, such an institution would not help to realize the goal of every person in terms of giving birth to a child. Homosexual couples using in vitro fertilization IVF or surrogate mothers deliberately create a class of children who will live apart from their mother or father.

One recent study of civil unions and marriages in Vermont suggests this is a very real concern. More than 79 percent of heterosexual married men and women, along with lesbians in civil unions, reported that they strongly valued sexual fidelity.

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Only about 50 percent of gay men in civil unions valued sexual fidelity. Traditionally, marriage and procreation have been tightly connected to one another.

Essays on Gay Marriage

Indeed, from a sociological perspective, the primary purpose that marriage serves is to secure a mother and father for each child who is born into a society. Now, however, many Westerners see marriage in primarily emotional terms. Among other things, the danger with this mentality is that it fosters an anti-natalist mindset that fuels population decline, which in turn puts tremendous social, political, and economic strains on the larger society. Same-sex marriage would only further undercut the procreative norm long associated with marriage insofar as it establishes that there is no necessary link between procreation and marriage.

It is no accident that the countries that have legalized or are considering legalizing same-sex marriage have some of the lowest fertility rates in the world.

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